Excel to PowerPoint automation, real-time dashboards, and version comparisons

TackleBox for Microsoft Teams brings the power of the Microsoft cloud to the review and presentation of Excel analysis. By automating otherwise manual and tedious work, it saves times and helps reduce errors, resulting in faster and more accurate business decisions. TackleBox is perfect for finance, accounting, consulting, and other teams that use Excel to perform and deliver quantitative analysis.

TackleBox has 3 key features: robust, automated links from Excel to PowerPoint; real-time, collaborate dashboards showcasing your team’s key Excel analysis; and Version Deep Diver to identify and investigate important differences between any two versions of Excel files.

To use TackleBox, link in any number of Excel files saved to your Microsoft 365 folders (Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, or OneDrive). Once linked, TackleBox systematically identifies and surfaces every visual (charts, tables, and named cell ranges) located in the Excel file. With a few mouse clicks, you can inject those visuals into PowerPoint presentations or online dashboards. Then, every time you save a new version of a linked Excel file, TackleBox helps you understand what has changed and lets you automatically update your presentations accordingly, savings tons of time and giving you the confidence that your presentations are up to date and accurate.

TackleBox – a whole new way to Excel.

TackleBox for Microsoft Teams requires an active TackleBox account. You can sign up for a free trial at

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