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Cite based on notes and images besides article titles from your nXr.iLibrary for precise referencing

nXr.iCite enable you to make citation based on notes and images besides article titles which are stored in your or research group comprehensive knowledge-base (in nXr.iLibrary) by using annotation tool nXr.iNote. You can also share cited quotes and images with your peers or reviewers through nXr to confirm that your manuscript is free from quotation error and unfounded authority.


- Cite based on notes and images besides article titles

- View the citation and cited notes/images side-by-side

- Access entire single user or group library for citation,

never leave your manuscript while citing

- Automatically share cited titles, notes and images with your mentors/group reviewers

- Allow journal reviewers to view cited notes and images

- Support citation in any journal format

As a part of next X(G)eneration referencing system, nXr.iCite aims for supporting better science through enhanced collaboration and precise referencing without hassles.

Accessing nXr.iCite functionalities requires subscription which also gives you access to nXr.iNote browser extension and nXr.iLibrary.

For free subscription, please sign in at and

visit for available subscription plans.

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