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Lead meetings at the level of your stakes

Aster is the smart solution, integrated with Microsoft 365, that makes your minutes save time before, during and after your meetings.

Experience the power of Aster directly in Microsoft Teams!

Aster is a collaborative software for taking, structuring and visualizing notes for effective strategic meetings and a better follow-up of actions and decisions.

The application flawlessly fits in everyday Microsoft tools: Teams, Outlook, Planner... From Teams videoconference window, manage your Aster without sharing your screen or taking your eyes away from your participants.

Aster intervenes in the 3 stages of a ritual.

  • The preparation of the meeting is collaborative and mostly automated directly from Teams. From one occurrence to the next, Aster smartly sorts the elements to be kept or archived. Among our current users, 55% of meetings are prepared automatically. To encourage commitment, preparation is also done by several hands. Thanks to roles defined in advance, Aster maximizes the contribution of the group. Everyone knows why they are called upon and what is expected from them. For example, at Riverdale, 90% of the meeting is prepared by the participants.
  • Animation is fluid and rhythmic. The meeting is structured and framed thanks to the preparation. Everyone arrives ready and all relevant information is centralized. The facilitator doesn't have to play all the roles since each participant can co-edit live directly from Teams visio screen. Time control is ensured with a timer associated with each topic. Thanks to Aster, the Chief Data Officer of Suez makes 3 times more decisions in meetings.
  • As soon as the meeting is over, the report is ready to be sent in one click according to each person's accreditation. And it remains accessible in Teams. The action lists are customized and their follow-up is industrialized. Then, the manager has access to a consolidated view of all the actions.

Overall, Aster saves time before, during and after the meeting and reduces the mental burden. Tessi's COO reduced the time spent in meetings by one third and saved 10 working days by preparing and structuring his meetings with Aster.

We make effective committees, team meetings, 1-1 and the performance management of our 5000 users among our customers such as Air Liquide, Lagardère, MAIF, Michelin, BRED, Roche...

Today, Aster is a valuable ally for hybrid groups, perfectly suited to their delocalized conditions.

Add the Aster extension to your Teams application to monitor all the content of your meetings in one place!

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