by C3IT Software Solutions

A Business Productivity & Employee Engagement Platform for a connected hybrid workforce

Connect facilitates structured collaboration on tasks between employees across locations; both front line workers who are on their phones or white-collar workers on the PC. An average employee today needs to perform a wide range of tasks most of which are repetitive and time bound. They also need to conform to SOPs or best practices; be mobile and get notifications on a platform they use all day. “Connect” offers all of these and more, as a Hub on Microsoft Teams that brings together Processes, Communications, Documents and Knowledge.

At its core, ‘Connect’ provides a no-code, fully configurable, Do-It-Yourself platform called Process Hub for automation of day-to-day SOPs that enable process owners to build forms-based workflows for Checklists, Audits, Collecting Data, Surveys, Assessments and more with a wide range of question types, dependencies, scoring options. Create multi-level approval workflows with multiple rules-based escalation points and SLAs for completion of assigned tasks. Demand evidence to be attached in the form of audio, video or pictures that can be captured in real time through the phone camera. Set up recurrence schedules for tasks and ensure timely completion of tasks and removes reliance on email and phone calls since now receive Tasks and reminders in Teams.

Connect creates Teams and Channels for each location; be it a Store or an Office for a Retail Store, a Bank Branch; a Hospital. a Hotel or an Education Institute. Notifications are received by stakeholders & actors in their respective Teams Channel as and when a task is assigned, or an assigned task is running delayed or waiting for review.

Connect provides comprehensive metrics on audit scores, time compliance, location and device compliance. It also ensures identity compliance as tasks can be performed only by named users within Teams.

Connect can be used by Retail Companies for their Stores and Offices; Manufacturing for Factories, Warehouses and Offices; the Financial Services Industry for their offices and Customer Service centers; for Restaurants and Café chains; Hospitals, Hotels and Education Institutions.

This platform comes bundled with a Document Hub linked to documents in Teams and a Knowledge Hub to contribute and search for knowledge assets and people with specific expertise. Last but not the least it serves as an Intranet for corporate communications and employee engagement.

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