Tendfor Contact Center for Microsoft Teams

by Tendfor AB

Microsoft 365 Certified
(20 ratings)

A fully featured contact center and attendant console for Microsoft Teams.

Tendfor was the first platform in the world to exclusively integrate natively directly with the customer’s Microsoft Teams tenant, relying exclusively on Microsoft’s APIs for Teams.

This means Tendfor requires no service provider or SBC integration, and works just as well with Microsoft Calling Plans as with all Direct Routing providers in all markets.

With Tendfor, all PBX replacement functionality and call handling is Teams centric, allowing for unparalleled ease of onboarding and work from home flexibility.

The Tendfor Teams app gives you full control of advanced call handling directly from the Teams client, from wherever you work.

Use the Tendfor app to quickly and easily set absence referrals, to perform advanced searches in the organization’s phonebook, and to monitor presence. This allows agents to always find the right contact for the job.

The Tendfor Teams app also gives you quick access to all the relevant call history for the contact center or receptionist queues.

For agents, it lets you log on and off work, and log in and out of specific roles you are servicing.

The Tendfor Teams app also allows you to go truly mobile, and easily switch to servicing queues from your mobile device on your mobile carrier network subscription when you are away from the office.

Use of the Tendfor Teams app requires a valid Tendfor subscription. Contact Tendfor or a Tendfor partner for more information at [](

App capabilities

When this app is used, it
  • Can send data over the Internet
  • This app can access personal information on the active message, such as phone numbers, postal addresses, or URLs. The app may send this data to a third-party service. Other items in your mailbox can’t be read or modified.

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