QRS Toolbox

by Quantitative Risk Solutions

Custom functions in Excel for quantitative risk calculations.

QRS Toolbox extends Excel with a growing collection of custom functions for quantitative risk calculations.

Compute risk metrics, estimate risk parameters, assess risk models, and more directly in Excel.

Simply type a formula and press Enter.

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  • Save time.

    Be more productive.

    You can focus on analyzing and interpreting your calculations, instead of messing about with complicated Excel formulas and cumbersome VBA codes.

    QRS Toolbox works out of the box.

  • Save effort.

    Be more efficient.

    You can store your data and perform your calculations all within Excel, rather than switch back and forth with another application for calculations.

    QRS Toolbox coexists with your data.

  • Save money.

    Be more savvy.

    You can pay for what you need, when you need it, like when you need to use a premium function or make many server-side function calls.

    No unnecessary subscriptions.


  • Free and premium functions.

    Free functions can be used without charge.

    Premium functions cannot be used without charge. You can purchase the right to use a premium function.

  • Client-side and server-side functions.

    Client-side functions run on your device.

    Server-side functions run on our servers, subject to a monthly call limit. You can purchase the right to make additional calls.


  • Office on Windows. Office version 16.0.13127.20296 or later, connected to a Microsoft 365 subscription, and preferably with the latest version of Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Edge WebView2 installed.

  • Office on Mac. Office version 16.40.20081000 or later, connected to a Microsoft 365 subscription, and with the latest version of Safari installed.

  • Office on the web. Microsoft account and the latest version of any modern browser, such as Chrome and Firefox.

  • Not available for Office on iPad and one-time purchase versions of Office, such as Office 2019 or earlier.

App capabilities

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  • Can send data over the Internet

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