Smarter Event Booking

by Smarter Business Solutions GmbH

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Smarter Event Booking allows you to create events and offer them to your users for registration.

Smarter Event Booking helps you and the users in your organization to register for corporate events, corona tests or vaccinations, trainings, health days and many more. Create events and manage attendees centrally with this tool without any additional effort.


  • Create Events - create events and associated dates in SharePoint that users in your organization can register for.
  • Customize your events - you can set waiting lists for events that are already full, or set reciprocal visibility for attendees.
  • Easily plan and run events - create events and manage participants with just a few clicks.
  • Add attachments to events - you can add additional info material to events and dates by attaching files.
  • Send out registration confirmations - create email templates for events and use ready-made placeholders to send out important information.
  • Share the registration in Teams - with a few clicks you can also include the web part in Microsoft Teams.

Smarter Event Booking is available as a free, fully-featured 14-day trial. After 14 days the web part will stop working and a licensed version will be required to continue usage.

For more information, please visit our product site Smarter Event Booking.

v. - If you have registered for an event, you can download an Outlook calendar invitation (ICS). As an administrator you can add [Ics] in the mail template when creating an event or event date - then also the Outlook calendar invitation will be sent in the registration mail.

v. - You can now view the event dates in a calendar view. Here you can switch between a weekly and monthly view and immediately have all the dates in view.

v. - When downloading an event, the correct time is now exported, taking into account the time zone.

v. - Administrators now always have the option to view all attendees of an event date in a panel.

All event dates whose end date is still in the future are now displayed in the list.

v. - Correct date at downloaded appointment.

v. - Performance optimization when loading the app.

v. - It is now possible to rename the lists for events and event dates if needed.

v. - Internal refactoring of licensing. Calendar view as default view possible. Fix: Start day of the calendar view is now saved correctly.

v. - Admins can now edit the participants and waiting list via the "All participants" panel. The calendar view now starts at the date of the first appointment.

v. - It is now possible to add a list to an event, where additional registration information for the event date is stored. When a user subscribes to an event date, a panel opens where he/she must enter the additional login information.

Furthermore, you can now set a color for an event and all its related event dates.

v. - If additional registration information is required, you will only be registered for the event date after you have successfully entered this information.

v. - Internal refactoring of licensing.

v. - Export times of the event date at ICS download in UTC format to allow import from Mac to Outlook.

v. - Format date everywhere depending on localization.

v. - It is now possible to create serial event dates by duplicating an existing event date as often as desired and in selected time intervals. Both events and appointments can now be sorted.

v. - Bugfix: Update buttons for subcribe/unsubcribe when selecting another event.

v. - Bugfix: Set maximum height of the left container for the events. When selecting another event -> scroll to the top of the list in the right container for the event dates.

v. - Bugfix: Styling adaptions when only one event is available.

Bugfix: Correct check for admin permission when a O365-group has been entered in admin permissions in the webpart settings.
Feature: WebPart can now be inserted in a "full-width column" section on communication websites.

Bugfix: Correct check for admin permissions.

Bugfix: Correct check/creation of the "Color" column in the event list.

Optimized error handling.
Bugfix: Correct check of the current user's permissions to the SharePoint lists.

Link to the FAQ page if an error occurs.

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