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CrossCheck streamlines document review and pinpoints common drafting mistakes.

Welcome to CrossCheck! CrossCheck streamlines the process of contract review and helps identify common drafting errors.

For example, with CrossCheck you can:

  • Take a guided walk-through of possible errors identified by CrossCheck
  • Click on a defined term and instantly jump to every location where that term is defined or used
  • Click on any outline item and navigate to the related document section, regardless of outline depth and without any setup in Word
  • Click on a cross-reference and jump to the section referred to

CrossCheck defines the structure of a contract as the outline (including the table of contents and cross-references), the defined terms used in the document,

and the relationships among those elements.

CrossCheck presents this structure as an alternative way to navigate a document and also identifies possible errors in the structure, such as:

  • Mismatches between the table of contents and the captions in the document
  • Numbering errors in the table of contents and the document (duplicate section numbers, gaps between section numbers, sections out of order)
  • Terms that are defined more than once
  • Undefined terms (capitalized terms that appear to be used as defined terms but which are not defined)
  • Inconsistent capitalization (words or phrases that are capitalized in some places but not in others)
  • Cross-references to sections that do not exist
  • Cross-references to definitions that are not in the section referred to
  • Inconsistent caption references within cross-references
  • References to "this" section that actually refer to another section
  • Sections inaccurately referred to as being "above" or "below" the current section
  • Missing parentheses

License Requirement. A license is required to use CrossCheck. To purchase a license or for information about pricing and terms, contact kReveal LLC at

Add-in capabilities

When this add-in is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet

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