Firefly Seating Plan

by Firefly Learning Ltd.

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Create and share seating plans complete with key information, photographs and classroom tools

Create and organise your seating plans within Microsoft Teams

Seating plans made easy

Enables teachers to create and share seating plans with other colleagues, make instant changes and view key personal information about each student. Our app allows teachers to design seating plans with great flexibility using alternative layouts and customisation options.

Give back time to Teachers through in-class tools

Seating Plan provides Teachers with a selection of in-class tools designed to speed up the delivery of a lesson. Easily allocate groups, select students at random and manage timed activities, all in a way that is safe to share with your students but also exciting and engaging for them. Teachers can spend less time organising and more time teaching.

  • Create multiple seating plans for all your classes
  • Drag and drop functionality moves students quickly and easily
  • Choose from templates to speed up planning your seating arrangement
  • Countdown tool allows a teacher to easily share a timer with a class
  • Random picker automatically selects a student for the teacher
  • Grouping tool automatically assigns students to a group
  • Key student information keeps teachers in-the-know
  • Toggle key student information on/off for ease-of-use when presenting screen
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