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Weet, the 1st collaborative Screen & Video recorder, simple and free.

How many times have you had to share your screen to show something but don't have time to book a meeting? A picture paints a thousand words. So why go back-and-forth in your Microsoft Teams space when you can send a video message instead? With Weet, you can record your face, your voice, and share your screen. Then, you can share your Weet easily in Teams. Your teammates can answer directly in your Weet by recording a screencast, video, or adding reactions for easy and fun asynchronous communication. From onboarding to troubleshooting customer issues or technical issues with your

team, Weet makes collaboration quick, simple, and clear with collaborative video messaging and other features that set us apart from the rest. Save time by reducing threads on Teams. Your colleagues and clients will love it!

FREE FOR EVERYONE Record and share unlimited videos for presentations, onboarding, team updates, and more—in just a few clicks. Weet was created by a team with years of experience building smart collaboration and video messaging tools. Project managers in all disciplines and anyone that wants to communicate more effectively can use Weet anytime, anywhere.


With the Weet application you can easily create, share and watch Weets directly in your Team space:

1. Click on the 'Create Weet' button in your text toolbar.

2. Record your Weet.

3. Paste the link of your Weet in any Teams conversation. This works for all chat options whether you are working in a 1:1, group or channel chat. Use the following commands to get started with Weet for Teams:

- Create - to start your new Weet

- Help - shows all of the supported Weet commands

- Sign out - Logs you out of Weet on all of your Teams channels.

- Sign in - Sign in to Weet and grant the proper permissions.

Collaborate with a Weet like you were face to face with your team. Meet less, send a video message instead Cut down on the back-and-forth emails and make your communication better.


- Add filters and virtual backgrounds

- Add or remove sections of your recording

- Auto-transcription & auto-captions ...and much more - all for free & no installation needed! Weet is for everyone, yes everyone! 🤠


- Firefox, Safari and Mobile usage are not fully supported.

- Create Weet is available only on Edge and Chrome

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