Editing Assistant

by 北京华文云道科技有限公司

Editing assistance will bring you a new document co-creation experience.

Editing assistance will bring you a new document creation experience, including convenient and efficient way to manage the content, simple and natural grouping content, innovative content reference pattern, and safe team sharing and cooperation mode, making editing and co-creation easier!

The Editing Assistant integrates a simple content management module, which can help to manage users' editing materials. The source of materials can be either a single word document uploaded locally, or content fragments extracted from other files. The editing assistant can help user to apply these managed materials to new documents easily. In addition, the editing assistant has the following Characteristic features:


User can sharing their managed content to their team members in WenDocs platform, they also can import the content that shared to them with one click, All this making it possible for the team to create document together.

Knowledge Base

organization or teams can accumulate the most valuable content in the team work bit by bit, and finally precipitate a high-quality industry knowledge content base.

Favorites Management

User is allowed to add document fragments to their favorites at any time, then reuse those fragments in other documents by one click.

Content Import

User can import local document or managed content to the currrent editing document with ease!

***Dependent Service and Additional Charge***

The Wendocs Editing Assistant needs to use the services provided by Wendocs Service Platform, which is a separately charged subscription service, user who login the Wendocs Editing Assistant with Azure Active Directory account or office 365 account can get a one week trial subscription. After the trial period, they can contact the service provider on the AppSource to apply for trial extension or purchase service.

***Sign up, Sign in and Sign out***

Users can sign in the Wendocs Editing Assistant with Microsoft personal account, Microsoft Work or School account or Microsoft 365 account, they also can choose to register a new Wendocs Account.

App capabilities

When this app is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet

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