Smarter Advent Calendar

by Smarter Business Solutions GmbH

Celebrate the Season with Smarter Advent Calendar for SharePoint and Teams

Bring Festive Cheer to Your Intranet: Ignite the holiday spirit in your company with Smarter Advent Calendar. Transform your SharePoint and Teams into a winter wonderland, offering daily delights that make every workday feel like a step closer to Christmas.


  • Daily Employee Engagement: Unveil a new surprise each day, keeping staff excited and connected throughout the festive season.
  • Boost Intranet Traffic: Leverage the holiday charm to increase user interaction with your company's intranet, enhancing the sense of community.
  • Festive Rewards: Spread joy and appreciation by distributing wonderful prizes, integrating the spirit of giving right into your digital workspace.


  • 24 Customizable Doors: Each door of the advent calendar can be personalized with messages, videos, or interactive content.
  • Interactive Surveys and Messages: Engage your workforce with interactive elements that capture feedback and sentiments.
  • Raffle Functionality: Organize raffles with ease, allowing everyone to partake in the excitement of winning and gifting.
  • Teams Integration: Easily deploy the advent calendar within Microsoft Teams, making daily engagement a natural part of the workflow.


At Smarter Business Solutions, we're dedicated to optimizing digital workflows and adding essential functionalities, as seen with our Smarter Navigation. We are especially thrilled that with the Smarter Advent Calendar, we can bring joy and festive spirit into the digital workplace. It's a project close to our hearts, designed to make the advent season a unique and interactive experience for companies.



  • Quick Setup: Implement the advent calendar swiftly with immediate installation to SharePoint or Teams.
  • Trial to License: Start with a fully-featured 14-day free trial, then transition to a licensed version to keep the festive momentum going.


  • Request with Ease: Not an admin? You can still request Smarter Navigation by starting the approval workflow. Locate the "Get it now" button at the top of the page to let your admin know why your SharePoint experience could be so much better.

EMBRACE THE HOLIDAY SEASON: Kick off the festivities with a free trial of Smarter Advent Calendar and see how it transforms your digital workspace into a hub of holiday excitement. Continue the celebration with a full license and make this season truly memorable for your team.

For more information and to begin the celebration, visit our product site for Smarter Advent Calendar.

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