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Build Compliance into your Business Processes and Procedures with! by Flyte is a solution to enhance how Business Process and Procedures are followed within your Organization. Built for Microsoft Teams, is a checklist sharing and templating platform which enables Users and Teams to quickly share collaborative checklists within Microsoft Teams Chats, Channels and Conversations.

With a built-in template library, each User in the Organization is able to easily find, share or create the template needed for the Business Processes, Procedures or activity they are undertaking.

The solution can also be leveraged to help Organizations manage Compliance across Checklists and Processes. With a number of standard tools such as checklist activity timestamps and checklist management, Users can see exactly who did what, when and which tasks are still outstanding. This feature is particularly useful for applications where auditing is key such as Health & Safety, Risk Assessments and Legal.

Key Features include:

• A library to store and create companywide templates for Processes and Procedures- To help keep the steps of each Process clear and concise, templates can be stored for Users to use time and time again without having to recreate each time they are needed.

• Unlimited Personal Checklists for all users- Allow Users to create checklists to help plan their activity: Daily tasks, weekly plans, helps Users keep on top of what needs to be done.

• Ability to share checklists from a template, or as a one-off- Perhaps you want to share a list of actions with attendees of a meeting, or share a list of tasks which need completed by the end of the week, sometimes making a template for use in the future doesn't make sense. With, Users have the option to share Checklists as a one-off, or choose to save as a Template for future use.

• Quick create templates from previously shared checklists- Don't worry if a checklist is created as a one-off, you can easily 'Create Template From' a shared checklist in the Manager.

• Quick duplicate and edit of existing templates- Need a variation on an existing template? Easily duplicate and modify a template to fit a specific application.

• Task and Checklist completion timestamps to ensure Compliance- Easily see who did what, when and which tasks are still outstanding. Use the Manager to see which checklists are open and incomplete.

• Edit and Admin control for Template and Checklist Owners- Owners of Templates and Checklists are given Admin control to limit who can reopen, amend or delete items.

• Reorder templates, template items and checklists items- Need to make changes to one of your Templates? Built In controls enable quick changes to be made without rebuilding from scratch.

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