Site Map

by Dalikoo Inc.

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Site Map is a blueprint of your Site Collection. It help users find important sites and pages.

Site Map is a web part which presents a systematic alphabetical view of the Intranet. Site Map is intended to help visitors find specific sites and pages. Site Map is organized alphabetically and can serve as the Index for the company's portal, Intranet or even just a single site collection.

Site Map requires no configuration, simply add it to any page and it will automatically display all the navigation menu items, as well as all subsites of the current Site Collection.

Site Map can be also used to alphabetically list all the Site Collections in the tenant. Adding Site Map to any page in the root site will generate a list of all Site Collections and their respective navigation menu items.

Site Map is provided as a 30 day free trial. Following the trial you can contact the developer for extension or purchase a low cost subscription through the Microsoft Marketplace.

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