Power Popups

by APPS 365 LTD

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Display important information! Choose to add the Popup Content from a Page URL, HTML or Rich Text.

Power Popups for SharePoint is the most effective way to communicate your message and ensure it gets the required attention from your users. With Power Popups you can create Popups that display any content. Choose to add the Popup Content from a Page URL, HTML or Rich Text.

Audience Target and Create Auto Popups with a predefined number of times it Appears for each User!

Use Power Popups for alerts, banners, forms, news items, documents, galleries, redirects on close and any element. Display your Popup content more effectively and with style.

Power Popups comes with a wide range of available options, which let’s you create unlimited combinations and achieve eye catching effect for your messages easily and without any special coding knowledge.

Power Popups Features:

- Simple but advanced Popup configuration settings

- Popup Content from a Page URL, HTML or Rich Text

- Trigger Popups on click or page open

- Trigger Popup with button, link or image

- Automatically show Popups on page load and set how often it appears for each user

- Audience Targeting

- Set Popup Width and Height

- 9 Popup positions

- 30+ Popup animations

- Animate Popup, overlay and content

- Auto closing feature

- Redirect visitor on Popup close

- Draggable popup window

And much more…

Power Popups can be used for any purpose - You can even automatically display audience targeted important information alerts on page load for a set amount of times for each user!

The Power Popups SPFx capabilities are as follows:

- SharePoint Webpart

- Microsoft Teams Tab

*This is a Free Trial with full functionality for 7 days. The Trial is limited to only one site per organisation Tenant. After 7 days the Add-in will stop working and a licensed version will be required to continue usage. To purchase a license click here.

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