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Personal AI learning assistant that fosters camaraderie and drives employee growth every day

Are you looking to drive employee growth, foster camaraderie, and strengthen social bonds in a fun, engaging, and personalized way? Look no further than Intervy, the personal AI learning assistant designed to revolutionize your team's learning experience.

Intervy utilizes microlearning to deliver bite-sized, personalized learning content and assessments, making it easier for employees to fit learning into their busy schedules. With its focus on short and effective learning sessions, Intervy ensures that employees can retain information and apply it in their daily work, leading to better performance and increased productivity. Say goodbye to long and boring training sessions, and hello to a new and exciting way of learning with Intervy.


  • Revolutionize your team's learning experience with personalized, bite-sized microlearning content and assessments
  • Bring your team together and strengthens social bonds
  • Motivate and engage your team with a sense of community and gamification
  • Track and measure your team's learning progress with data analytics to monitor progress, identify areas of improvement, and drive continued growth and development
  • Deliver microlearning content on topics like cybersecurity, employee well-being, effective communication, effective meetings, and anything else important to your company right on Microsoft Teams

Intervy brings your team together and fosters camaraderie by making learning a shared experience. With Intervy, your employees will not only acquire new skills and knowledge, but they will also have the opportunity to learn something new about each other. It's accessible and convenient, right within your Microsoft Teams, allowing your team to learn, grow, and build stronger bonds with one another.

But Intervy isn't just about learning - it's about having fun and staying motivated too! With gamification and a sense of community, your team will stay engaged and inspired to continue their learning journey, all while building stronger bonds and relationships with one another.

So why wait? Give your team the gift of continuous learning, professional growth, and enhanced camaraderie with Intervy. Try it today and watch your employees thrive!

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Intervy was born and raised by dots. (WeAreDots) – a technology company with 20 years of experience, a proud Microsoft Gold partner, that unites innovative, dedicated, and certified IT professionals with in-depth expertise and extensive know-how in various fields, such as Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

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