Column Permission

by BoostSolutions

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Enable you to set columns hidden or read-only for specified users/groups in SharePoint Online list.

BoostSolutions’ Column Permission enables you to set columns hidden or read-only for specified users or groups in SharePoint Online list to restrict users from accessing or modifying certain columns in new/edit/view item form or in list view.

You can set individual column level permissions based on the values of other columns, make it easy to determine if and when columns should be hidden or read-only.

With the SPFx list view command set extension, accessing Column Permission settings is even more convenient.

BoostSolutions’ Column Permissions provides you with more features to control the column permission’s capabilities in the list. You can disable some features to prevent users from accessing or modifying content of columns.


Disable “Edit in grid view”;

Disable “Export to Excel or CSV”;

Disable “Filter by” on column header or Filter pane;

Disable “Gallery view”;

Disable “Format current view”.

Please note the App only works in SharePoint Online modern experience.

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