Tabify by Bamboo

by Bamboo Solutions

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Organize multiple Web Parts including list views & doc libraries into a single, tabbed interfaces

Organize your content with a SharePoint online global navigation bar that persists throughout the site collection and organize your pages’ multiple web parts – including list views and document

Intuitive, Interactive Interface

- Click any of the tabs to display the corresponding content

- The “tabbed” content is kept intact and safely hidden when another tab is clicked

- Options for a global SharePoint quick launch bar at the top of your site collection and a page specific navigator to help maximize potential on every level


SharePoint Online Global Navigation that is applicable to a page which helps quickly jump between available web parts

- Available on both Modern and Classic SharePoint Online pages

- Take a bustling, cluttered page and turn it into an easily navigable and efficient viewing experience

- Headers for tabify auto-populate based on the Web Parts you have available on that page

- Works with SharePoint Online out-of-the-box web parts AND third party web parts

Fast & Easy Configuration

While our SharePoint quick launch global navigator appears much sleeker than SharePoint’s OOB navigation system, you still enjoy OOB functionalities such as:

- Two options for permission setting at the SharePoint settings menu item level

- Users can see navigation items based on permissions in the Navigator Menu list, or,

- Users will only see items in the global navigator if they have permission to access the destination item or page.

- Smooth and responsive drop-down system with no glitches

- No hang time or lag time in between link clicks, our navigator is as responsive as if SharePoint had built it itself (possibly even better!)

Perpetual Domain Level Pricing

- Perpetual one time license pricing, with no user limitations, ensures the product will add value for years to come with no complicated subscriptions

- Installation can be at domain level or targeted to specific site collections

- Download provides 30 day free trial

- Perpetual license one time purchase USD$9,338.10


- License includes 1st year product enhancements and phone/ticket system support (8am 5pm Eastern US)

- Product supports both SharePoint Modern and Classic sites

- Works with SharePoint Online (365)

- Works on Gov Cloud installations

- Optional 2nd year maintenance available at 22% of license price, billed on anniversary of purchase.

To ensure a successful product download, please make sure you have the correct permissions to your tenant app catalog. If you try to download the product and receive a page message stating “The App Catalog couldn’t be created” you likely do not have the correct permissions to your site. Try accessing your app catalog; the URL should be in a format like, You will need at least contribute access to this location in order for the product download to work. If you cannot locate or cannot access your tenant app catalog, your SharePoint Administrator should be able to give you access.

About Bamboo

Back in 2001, our company name was inspired by the bamboo plant — strong, flexible and easily adapted for a variety of global solutions. Today, by adding the consulting services of SharePointXperts to the Bamboo family, we have become a global-leading provider of enterprise-class software applications and consulting services designed to extend the native capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. So far, over 8,000 organizations worldwide have chosen to enhance their SharePoint deployment with products, solutions and services from Bamboo.

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