Checklist as a Service

by kitameraki limited

Collaborate, track progress and be on top of deadlines of your recurring tasks.

Checklist for Microsoft Teams allows you to organize, collaborate, track real time progress and be on top of deadlines of your repetitives tasks and recurring to do list.

Without a proper tool, having multiple business processes running in parallel can be overwhelming, your team can be missing critical deadlines which could lead to poor service to your customers.

​By rolling out a Checklist in your company, you empower your teams to deliver great services to all your internal & external customers and provide a real-time monitoring tool for Managers.


- Never miss any deadline with automatic checklist creation and alert notification

- Boost team productivity and efficienty

- Creates instant communication in the team which accelerates Task resolution

- Keep all documents, conversation and information in the same place, confidential and safely stored


Checklist is especially powerful for repetitive tasks that must be completed. Here are few examples:

- HR team: Employee onboarding and offboarding processes, Payroll process, …

- Accounting & Tax: End of month closing process, Regulatory and Tax reporting, ..

- Operation: Quality check list, Inventory checking, ...

- Facility management: Inspection & Health and Safety procedures, ...

- Any list of tasks that must be completed within deadline

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- Create Checklist with Tasks

- Manage Tasks until closure

- Attach Images & Files and Send Comments

- Use Template for recurring Checklist

- Automatic Checklist creation (Scheduler)

- Automatic Alert for coming due date

- Multi-Channels

- Dashboard and XL / CSV Export


Team members would only see checklist and tasks assigned to them and Team owners would be able to view all checklist and all the tasks in it.

Unlike most Apps and Web Tools you will find in the market, our Productivity Apps have been designed since inception to work within Microsoft Teams, which brings a set of unmatched benefits:

- Simple & Intuitive UI

- Multi-Channels

- Chat Notifications

- Web, Desktop & Mobile App Ready

- Microsoft Single Sign On

- Ready for Analytics

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