Sharpen Notes

by Sharpen App Ltd

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With hybrid working being the new norm and over 80% of people spending up to a third of the workweek in meetings, Sharpen Notes’ digital collaborative platform is a must-have in today’s corporate and learning environments. Sharpen Notes creates interactive collaborative notes directly in a Microsoft Teams meetings, delivering:

  • Greater team collaboration

  • Effective knowledge capture

  • Easy knowledge sharing

  • Increased productivity

Sharpen Notes currently offers a free trial with any purchase.

How does it work?

Rather than meeting notes being taken in isolation, Sharpen Notes enables attendees to:

  • Create “super notes”; time-stamped to key moments of the meeting

  • Enrich these notes by adding attachments, comments and tags

  • See notes taken by others

  • Share your notes, or keep them private

  • Assign action items: To-Do’s, Questions and deadlines

All in real-time, live in a meeting.

What happens after a meeting?

All notes are automatically stored in your Teams Personal App in the Sharpen Notes app.

The notes are accessible for all invitees to refer back to at any time; negating the need for meeting minutes.

All Sharpen Notes remain live, which means they are:

  • Searchable:

    effortlessly search for keywords across everyone’s notes

  • Filterable:

    filter by To-Do, Question and other tags and filters

  • Actionable:

    quickly identify To-Do items

  • Secure:

    no more losing notes, ever again

  • Active:

    new notes can be added after the meeting

Sharpen Notes: welcome to the future of note-taking.

What industries or specialists would use Sharpen Notes?

Sharpen Notes is designed for anyone taking notes in a Teams meeting.

This includes industries such as insurance, HR, consulting, education, law, finance, banking, and project management to name a few and for any collaborative and productivity requirements.

No more misunderstandings.

“Sharpen Notes has transformed the way we work. I love the efficiency -

no more misunderstandings or time spent writing up notes. 5 stars!”


Lisa Thornhill – Banking sector


Clear action items.

“This makes it so much quicker to get team action items together and to

keep us from dropping any balls.”


Justin Randall – Accounting sector


Alleviates issues.

“I would love to be able to use such a tool to consolidate everything

in one view. I feel it can help alleviate organisational issues.”


Natasha - Microsoft

So much easier.

“The ease of capturing information, taking notes and assigning actions

all on one screen in meetings instead of opening OneNote or scribbling

it down is a game changer.”


Yashita - Microsoft

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