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by VirtoSoftware

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Overlay SharePoint & Outlook calendars into a single Color-coded view with a great set of features.

Overlay SharePoint, Exchange/Outlook, and Meeting rooms calendars into a single Color-coded view.

Virto Calendar is designed to overlay Exchange Online calendars with other Office 365 calendars as a single SharePoint calendar. You can combine events from both Outlook shared and private calendars. It can be used in Full-screen mode and/or as an SPFX web part on SharePoint Modern/Classic pages.

For instant trial access to the Calendar without installing App Part, you can try it here: Instant Virto Calendar Trial Access

Check this : 2 min Quick Start Guide Video or Book 30 min demo+installation session

Virto Calendar is empowered with the Color-coding feature, which allows you to designate a specific color for each of Office 365 shared calendars and event types. VirtoSoftware Calendar enables you to view SharePoint events in Day, Week, Month, Year, and Task days/hours views.

Combine multiple Office 365 calendars and explore the Virto’s Calendar handy features:

  • SharePoint, including cross-site collection calendars and any custom list overlay
  • Outlook Online shared and personal calendars overlay
  • Exchange Meeting rooms and resource calendars overlay
  • iCal calendars overlay
  • Tasks from planner overlay
  • Recurrent SharePoint/Outlook events support. Create/Modify series/occurrence right from the Virto Calendar App New
  • Create Microsoft Teams meeting from the app New
  • Use Virto Calendar as App Part on Modern/Classic pages and in Microsoft Teams channels
  • Using Color-coded Virto Mini Calendar as a compact view of Virto Calendar events from all the added data sources
  • Event Color-coding depending on the calendar source and event type
  • Available views: Day, Year, Month, Week, Work Week, Gantt Chart
  • Timeline view (Task Days, Task Hours) to display task progress
  • Customizable New, Edit forms and tooltips
  • Creating, editing, and deleting events with a few clicks, changes will be applied to a calendar source
  • Color-coded categories for SharePoint/Outlook calendars
  • Filtering events based on Category field value
  • User license auto-assignment feature, extremely helpful for large companies
  • Read Only and View permissions inherited from source lists

Virto Calendar is free for 5 users – try it now and see how simple to use this fantastic app to cover your requirements!

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