Raytion Search Center for Microsoft Search

by Raytion GmbH

Search better, find faster - with the Raytion Search Center for Microsoft Search.

The Right Search Experience for Microsoft Search

The Raytion Search Center for Microsoft Search is an industry-leading search interface for Microsoft Search. As a

SharePoint native solution, it offers great search experiences and can be seamlessly integrated in all SharePoint sites,

such as your SharePoint Online portals, and of course into Microsoft Teams. It unites an extraordinary user experience

with the strong search capabilities of Microsoft Search. You can use it as your Microsoft 365 powered enterprise search,

as a sound and flexible foundation for news or knowledge management portals or use it in order to solve many more

knowledge retrieval use cases.

The Perfect User Journey

You can easily integrate your enterprise search into your SharePoint Online-based portal or into Microsoft Teams. With

its search as you type, users will receive their recommended links, matching recent documents, results for experts and

colleagues, or project spaces even while entering the search query. Thus, the search as you type significantly

simplifies navigating the digital workplace.

The search result page is the heart of the search application, which can be reached directly from the search as you

type. The Raytion Search Center for Microsoft Search comes with full support of configurable search verticals, result

blocks, filters, and a broad range of search result types in a prominent design. For instance, you can easily configure

an "everything" vertical, one for people and expert results or one for project spaces. The Raytion Search Center is

multilingual and natively supports the SharePoint mobile app as well as an integration as a SharePoint page directly as

a Microsoft Teams app.

Build Your Own Search

Various layout options through seperate webparts for:

  • Search box
  • Verticals
  • Filters and results

Efficient origanization of your search

  • Search box
  • Verticals
  • Access to a broad range of configurable filters
  • Access to a broad range of search result styles with insightful metadata including
    • People & Expert results
    • Recommended links
    • Preview functionality providing insights into SharePoint Online and third-party sources

  • Adaptable sorting options

Support of Advanced Integrations and Configurations

  • Zero query search, powered by the Microsoft Graph
  • Optional deep federation with SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019 and SharePoint Server Subscription
  • Customizable queries and relevance for a tailored search experience
  • Optimal performance leveraging the Microsoft Search and SharePoint Online search APIs
  • Full compatibility with Raytion's connectors
  • Configuration compatibility with Microsoft's Graph connectors
  • Support of interleaved results between SharePoint Online, Teams documents and Microsoft Graph connectors
  • Search capability through Microsoft Teams and Outlook messages
  • Can easily be configured to run with Microsoft's Graph connectors
  • Viva Topics card
  • New: Advanced filter functionalities: conditional filters, mapping for multiselect filters and custom date intervals
  • New: Result card for SharePoint news articles
  • New: Advanced styling options in searchbox and cards: background colors, outlines and border radius and

Documentation, Trial Licenses and Support

Please contact us here or via email at to receive your free trial license and installation


For more information, please also refer to the product documentation.

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