Dataminr Pulse

by Dataminr

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Real-time AI for Event and Risk Detection

Dataminr is the leader in AI-powered event and risk detection derived from publicly available data. Pulse helps you discover in real time and respond proactively to events that pose risk to your people, brand, physical, and virtual assets - helping you become a more resilient organization.

Relied on by more than two-thirds of the Fortune 50 and half of the Fortune 100, Dataminr Pulse has gained rapid adoption across the corporate enterprise - spanning teams focused on corporate security, as well as those focused on reputational risk, crisis management and cyber risk detection.

With the Dataminr Pulse connector for Teams you can:

Maintain awareness across the organization with the most relevant alerts for each user group by selecting pre-configured topic lists (eg. crime, weather, terrorism, transportation) and alert severity (eg. global, national, local) for distribution to each Teams channel.

Provide on-the-ground, situational awareness for your people when it matters by using Teams channels to keep traveling executives and employees informed of location-based risks, allowing users to subscribe/unsubscribe from Teams channels based on itineraries.

Consolidate event-based communications and improve real-time collaboration across users, departments and global offices into one channel, eliminating the need for difficult-to-track, time-consuming channels like email.

Leverage the power of Teams as an organization-wide communication and collaboration platform by streaming real-time alerts to trigger critical incident response and management workflows.


  • The Dataminr Pulse Connector requires an active Dataminr account for access. If you do not have an active Dataminr account, please reach out. Request A Demo

  • Login to this connector is required each time you need to configure the connector.

  • You can configure multiple Dataminr accounts to the same channel.

  • If you have questions or concerns about the content you’re receiving, please email your Dataminr customer service manager.

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