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Collaborate, facilitate, and co-create at scale with Howspace & Microsoft Teams

Howspace's collaboration design and facilitation platform extends the power and possibilities of Microsoft Teams. Howspace provides pre-meeting, in-meeting, and post-meeting experiences directly within the Teams environment to ensure context and lasting impact long after a meeting ends.

Benefits of the Howspace app in Microsoft Teams

  • Enable collaboration, co-creation, and sense-making at large scale
  • Open a Howspace workspace during any Microsoft Teams meeting to let your teams co-create, brainstorm, plan, and arrive at decisions that drive impact
  • Record the process of group-led decision-making with polls, voting, and chat threads to contribute to in the backdrop of a real-time Teams meeting
  • Quickly gather insights and arrive at informed decisions by tapping into the collective intelligence of large groups with advanced AI functionalities
  • Built-in SSO for a secure, seamless login experience that is controlled by your IT department and keeps your workspaces safely within company hands

Use Cases with Howspace & Microsoft Teams

  • Facilitated large-scale meetings within Teams, with pre-work and ongoing collaboration and impact on Howspace
  • Interactive presentations with powerful engagement and collaboration features
  • Virtual and hybrid events, trainings, workshops


Howspace for Microsoft Teams is included in most Howspace annual plans. Contact us at to learn more about connecting Howspace and Microsoft Teams. You can also get started with Howspace by opening a free account here.

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