Beekeeper Shifts for Excel

by Beekeeper AG

Enable your frontline to access shift information while continuing to build your schedules in Excel.

Reduce shift absenteeism by digitizing shift information for your frontline workforce while continuing to build your employee schedules in Excel. Printing out Excel shift schedules and putting them up on a bulletin board simply doesn't work for your frontline teams. Whether employees are commuting to work on their off-days simply to view next week's schedule or missing shifts because they didn't get the memo about a shift change in time, organizations are suffering from higher employee burnout and turnover and lower productivity by sticking with manual, paper-based shift coordination and communication.

In Beekeeper, your frontline employees can access their schedules in one click. If your shift managers make any changes to the master schedule in Excel, Beekeeper's add-in will automatically update the schedule in Beekeeper, where your frontline workers view their shifts. Seamlessly extend your existing Excel shift schedules to your frontline without any disruption to your managers.

In order to benefit from the add-in, Shifts must be enabled through a pricing plan. For more information about our pricing, please see

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