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3D collaboration made easy. Share and work on 3D instantly with multiple users.

Introducing instant3Dhub, the ultimate solution for making complex 3D data easily accessible to all stakeholders involved. With our powerful platform, you can instantly access and visualize your 3D models, transforming the way you collaborate and communicate.

*Visualize Your 3D Models*

Immerse yourself in your designs and gain a deeper understanding with our intuitive visualization tool. See your 3D data come to life, allowing you to analyze and explore every detail effortlessly.

*Collaborate with Ease*

Effortless Sharing and Presentation: With instant3Dhub, sharing and presenting your 3D models becomes a breeze. Seamlessly showcase your work to other meeting members, enabling productive discussions and valuable feedback. Keep everyone engaged and informed throughout the conversation.

*Enhance Communication with 3D Annotation*

Bring your ideas to life by sketching directly on the 3D geometry. With our 3D annotation feature, you can provide precise feedback and markups, facilitating clear communication and eliminating misunderstandings.

*Support for Leading CAD Formats*

instant3Dhub supports a wide range of CAD formats, including Dassault Systemes Catia, STEP, and FBX. Seamlessly import your existing models, preserving the integrity of your design data, and work with familiar tools.

Experience the power of instant3Dhub today and revolutionize the way you collaborate and communicate with 3D data. Don't hesitate to reach out and embark on a more efficient and streamlined 3D workflow.

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