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by adenin TECHNOLOGIES Inc

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Easily monitor & unify data from all your business applications by creating a personalized dashboard

Easily create an aggregated view of all your external business apps by simply connecting your dashboard to popular applications such as ServiceNow, HubSpot, Salesforce, Jira, Github, Zendesk and many others.

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Having one view that’s always in-sync helps employees cut down on time wasted hunting for data and hopping between windows. With a personalized dashboard, users can monitor their work with ease and won’t have to fear missing relevant updates any longer.

Liven up your intranet pages by creating dashboards specific to your team or create a personalized dashboard for the entire organization so all SharePoint users have a single source of truth for their data.

Apps appear on the dashboard in the form of Adaptive Cards which can be quickly customized using the built-in, low code designer that will be familiar to users of

Getting started with Adaptive Cards dashboard:

  1. Add the web part to a SharePoint page
  2. Click to edit it, then select + Add Adaptive Card
  3. Choose your application, data source and authenticate
  4. Watch your new card appear on the dashboard
  5. Optional: Make changes using the Adaptive Card designer

❓Useful resources to get started

👉 Get started with Adaptive Cards dashboard

👉 See all compatible apps

👉 See Adaptive Card samples designed for businesses

👉 Contact the free support for help

Create visually appealing dashboards with ease

The dashboard cards generated by the web part are in the open-source Adaptive Card format. This means they can be easily modified using a built-in low-code designer. Here are a few examples of what you can build with your dashboard:

  • Lists – collect updates into lists for recent tickets, issues, tasks, events, comments, mentions, notifications, and more
  • Database queries – Run statements against SQL, NoSQL, Big Data and API databases and generate tables, KPI (key performance indicators) with trends as well as charts (coming soon)
  • Feeds – Create lists with rich media like images, or a gallery of items of your latest news, reviews, statistics, etc.
  • Digital signage – By using larger headlines, background images and buttons you can create inviting banners to welcome users, advertise benefits or point employees to useful resources

Main benefits and features

Adaptive Cards dashboard lets you sync live data from 3rd party apps into a personalized dashboard that you can easily place on any intranet page as a web part.

No coding skills required – The web part automatically analyzes the structure of your applications’ data and transforms into beautiful lists. Simply refine the layout by using the built-in, low-code designer

Filters – Received data can be further filtered for certain criteria and transformed using Microsoft Adaptive Expressions

Always up to date – Users don’t need to refresh anything, data is always pulled live from an API connection which the administrator originally made when adding a new Adaptive Card

Ready-to-use templates – Make visually stunning designs using one of the free templates specifically designed for businesses

Fully customizable and enterprise-ready – know how to code or work with developers? Fully customize the dashboard theme to use your corporate style guide

Safe and secure – Adaptive Cards dashboard never saves any data on its servers; all data gets fetched at display time from your source app through the client. Adenin, the company behind this web part, is GDPR compliant as it never stores or transfers any of the connected apps’ data to its servers

Easy permissions management – Manage audiences and restrict who can see individual Adaptive Cards

Chatbot channels – Using the open-source Adaptive Card standard means Cards can be queried from chatbot agents available separately for Microsoft Teams & Webex Teams

Fully audited – Track what users are doing with usage metrics and get a log of all API requests along with possible error codes to trace errors

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