by Lisan

Integrated Writing Assistant

Lisan is the state of the art educational proofreader.

Main Features:

★ Proofreader that supports 12 types of errors

- Spelling Checker

- Typography Checker

- Grammar Checker

- Morphology Checker

- Semantic Checker

- Clarity Checker

- Style Checker

- Decency Checker

- Punctuation Checker

- Layout Checker

- Names Checker

- Quotes Checker

★ Accelerators

- Autocomplete: A fully customizable multi-domain autocomplete system.

- InText: Inline language for information automation and retrieval.

★ Explainer

- Named entities explainers.

- Word explainers.

- Quotes explainers.

★ Paraphraser

- Provides other ways to write a sentence.

- Helps your write faster and more fluently.

- Easily crafts the tone and style of your writing.

★ Summarizer

- Summarize long texts and emails, keep what matters.

In addition to correcting errors, Lisan offers an outstanding learning experience. All corrections have explanations for each error to improve users writing ability.

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App capabilities

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  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet

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