Sprocket 365

by Sope Web Technologies

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Powerful Web Parts and tools to build better digital workplaces on SharePoint Online.

Sprocket 365 is a comprehensive extension for enhancing SharePoint, offering a robust suite of Web Parts, customisable features, and ready-made tools in one package.

It is the essential ingredient for transforming SharePoint Online, providing powerful customisation and an added layer of design flexibility. Unlike traditional intranets-in-a-box, Sprocket 365 doesn’t alter SharePoint's core functionality. Instead, it overlays SharePoint, providing a collection of Web Parts that overcome SharePoint's existing feature limitations - offering quick, cost-effective customisation based on real-world requirements.

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Sprocket 365 extends SharePoint by offering these all-in-one features:

  • 30+ Web Parts: Access a unique and expanding library of Web Parts, helping you bridge the gaps in SharePoint and unlock new design possibilities. Most loved Web Parts include: Popular Web Parts include Accordion, My Apps, Search Box, Embed, People Hub and Calendar.
  • Custom Header: Transform the standard SharePoint header into a more custom navigation experience, complete with branding and theme customisation.
  • Org Chart & Employee Directory: An interactive staff directory and org charts, pulling real-time data from Active Directory (Entra). This feature displays up-to-date employee details, making it easy to track changes and fully integrated with Microsoft Teams.
  • Knowledge Management System: Streamline your knowledge management in SharePoint with our ready-to-use repository. It includes a suite of pre-built tools such as tree hierarchical navigation, read lists, information protection and more.
  • Word Document to Policy Converters: This loved feature enables you to effortlessly convert live Word documents into site pages or PDF format, quickly forming a knowledge base in SharePoint from existing policy documents.
  • Global Alerts: Communicate information across all SharePoint sites effectively. Set expiry dates and determine whether alerts are dismissible.
  • CSS and Styling Overrides: Use custom scripts to add branding and themes through CSS or JavaScript (JS) overrides, adding a touch of personalisation to SharePoint.
  • Analytics: Gain deeper insights into SharePoint effortlessly, with one simple tracking code linking Google Analytics and Azure Application Insights.

Sprocket 365 is the rocket fuel for SharePoint. Explore our full library of Web Parts.

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