PointFire Translator Express

by IceFire Studios Corp.

Translate SharePoint pages and documents in a SharePoint library to up to 50 languages

SharePoint Online has no machine translation option for pages. This app makes SharePoint multilingual by adding translation of modern pages and of most documents, and it does so in your own Azure account and region, for compliance and security.

Select pages or documents in a library, then this app translates them to multiple languages, putting the translations back in the library, appropriately tagged. It uses your Azure AI Translator service and your Azure Storage account, both of which you must purchase from Microsoft and which can be created and configured for you using the provided deployment script. It supports over a dozen document formats, any webpart, and all 50 SharePoint languages. It is compatible with SharePoint's multi-lingual page publishing as well as PointFire 365. A SharePoint Premium subscription is not required, and you do not need to have a server nor communicate with a cloud service other than Microsoft.

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This app requires some deployment and configuration steps. See the manual for details. You will have to add the app to a site, provision the Azure AI Translator service and the Azure Storage Service using a PowerShell script (Azure login required and Microsoft will charge for usage), then enter the required information to the app's configuration, set the alternative languages for the site if required, and let PointFire Translator Express configure the document library. Translations are carried out in your account in the Azure region of your choice, with no-trace: there is no record of what has been translated.

The free version works on a single site, and can translate documents including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF. You can activate a free 30 day trial of the full version. The full version includes the ability to translate modern pages, translation of file names, translation of text metadata, and the ability to configure it at the tenant and not just the site level.

This app uses a ListView CommandSet to add a translation button to your document or page library, and an Application Customizer for the rest of the functionality. For pages using Multilingual Page Publishing, it overrides the existing "Translation" panel to make translation an immediate one-step process.

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