Boostlingo On-Demand

by Boostlingo, LLC

Connect to a qualified interpreter in seconds using Boostlingo On-Demand.

Boostlingo On-Demand is a powerful solution for organizations looking to access professional interpretation services through Microsoft Teams.

Thousands of healthcare, legal, and education customers rely on Boostlingo On-Demand for quick access to high-quality language support.


Video/Audio Remote Interpreting support (VRI and OPI) helps users get connected to interpreters when onsite interpretation services are not the most efficient or affordable option. Boostlingo's advanced remote interpretation system seamlessly connects you and your party with a human interpreter in seconds.

Remote interpretation sessions can reduce costs by shortening lengths of sessions and eliminating wait times.

Key Features:

- Human interpreters in seconds, not minutes

- Network of 17,000+ qualified interpreters

- 300+ languages supported

- Video and audio interpreting

- 24/7 availability 90+ languages

- Custom call settings

- Quick redial

- Customizable interpreter routing

Qualified Interpreters

At Boostlingo, we partner with language service companies to offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry. Our unique model means we can more reliably fill interpretation requests with qualified and experienced interpreters. Our internal Language Access department sets rigorous rules in our Code of Conduct that all interpreters on the Boostlingo Network must follow. The Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network requires three years of experience for all interpreters in our network, with additional training for specializations in the medical and legal fields.

Affordable Interpretation

Boostlingo On-Demand puts you in contact with qualified interpreters without breaking the bank. Our partnership with language service companies allows our team to offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry without compromising quality.

Industries We've Worked With:

- Healthcare

- Legal

- Construction

- Education

- Food Services

- Manufacturing

- and more!

Ready to Get Started?

To utilize this app, you must be registered with Boostlingo On-Demand. Interested in signing up? Reach out to us for assistance. Discover more about Boostlingo On-Demand and how it can transform your workplace into a more connected and inclusive environment by visiting Boostlingo Microsoft Teams. Embark on your journey to streamlined, inclusive communication today.

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