Zensai Engage365 & Perform365 - Performance Management and Employee Engagement Solution + Goals and OKRs

by Binary Geek Limited

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Engage365 & Perform365 bring performance, engagement, and goal/OKR management into one platform.

Engage365 ensures people feel valued and engaged with the employee check-in — a framework for regular two-way feedback — coaching, and recognition. Perform365 brings employees clarity on expectations and provide managers with tools to support and coach their teams to perform at their highest potential.
Together, Engage365 & Perform365 for Microsoft Teams help you move away from traditional performance processes and engagement surveys to more regular, light-touch conversations.

DISCLAIMER: Zensai Engage365 & Perform365 is currently branded as "Weekly10"

👍 Reflect and realign: Engage365 & Perform365 help employees reflect on progress, get feedback, align goals and so much more.  Share successes, update goals, and recognize peers for their great work.

🤝 Support when your people need it: Managers have the tools to see who in their team needs support right now, not in 6 months’ time. And employees get regular feedback from their manager, so they know how they’re performing against expectations.

💬 Performance reviews with 90% less admin: Employees simply auto-populate their conversation agendas using reflections from their check-in and feedback they’ve received. And when it’s time for a face-to-face conversation, Engage365 & Perform365 manage that too. Sending reminders and auto-scheduling meetings for you. Add to that, our AI-summarized performance reviews to further diminish planning efforts.

🚀 Talent mapping and succession planning: Get a holistic view of your future leaders. Layer manager feedback with 360 feedback, performance indicators, and engagement insights.

🏆 Recognize and shine a light on a job well done: Call out great work by sharing recognition to a Microsoft Teams channel. And managers can boost their team’s visibility to senior leaders with pass-ups.

🎯 No more set-and-forget goals: Track your goals or OKRs in your check-in to keep them top of mind. Set, re-align, and update them as often as needed.

🤍 Intelligent and actionable engagement insights: Check-ins and feedback fuel powerful AI analytics that help you to truly understand the sentiment and engagement levels of your people.

AI-powered coaching and assistance: Support managers in providing productive feedback with our AI-powered coaching that help managers respond constructively to raised questions and concerns. Our AI assistant help prepare performance reviews by providing summaries of engagement and progress since the last conversation.

🏆 Exceptionally high ratings for service and support: We’re proud rated among the highest in the industry for our customer service and support.

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Key features

Continuous performance management + engagement empower your people to succeed.


  • 360 feedback
  • Two-way feedback
  • Performance conversations and 1:1s
  • OKRs and goals
  • AI coach and assistant
  • Talent mapping and succession planning
  • Automated invitations for periodic one-on-one and performance discussions
  • Flexible templates and workflows


  • Regular, light-touch check-ins
  • Recognition
  • Visibility
  • Micro-coaching
  • Deep and actionable engagement and sentiment insights
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Automated check-in flows that can be tailored to each team

Microsoft integrations
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Viva
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams Mobile
  • Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory)
  • Silent Single Sign On
  • Power BI
  • Also available on Mobile and Web

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