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Literatu Cloud App

measure learning, inform teaching, every day

Literatu is a teacher driven, formative assessment platform that collects and measures daily student learning data. With visible data and learning analytics at your fingertips, new conversations begin across your class and school ecosystem.

  • Make student learning visible Whilst research says instruction and formative assessment are indivisible, access and visibility of formative learning data is still a challenge for most teachers. Teachers openly admit to being content rich and data poor. Literatu restores this imbalance.
  • Re-shape learning measurement Our mission is to help teachers re-shape learning measurement, giving them instant visibility of each student's learning need.
  • Connect and extend your resources Teachers like Literatu because the platform extends and re-connects their teaching, the resources they trust and the preferred applications they work with every day.
  • Amplify student outcomes Teachers use Literatu to have a greater impact on student outcomes, personalise instruction and engage students as owners of their own learning.

"Literatu is really effective in telling me – what do my kids know, what they don’t know, and how effective am I being as a teacher.

It is very difficult to find systems that help improve learning, and as teachers that is our main goal.

Literatu lets me do that quickly, effectively and with data I can actually use to improve my teaching and learning. "

Brett Foster – Director Innovative Learning – Stella Maris College Manly

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Please note, Literatu requires Internet Explorer version 10 and higher.