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LP+365 Free Classroom App

Learning Possibilities Ltd
LP+365 Free Classroom App – Transforming Office365 into your School VLE/LMS

The LP+365 free classroom App transforms Office365 into your school Learning Management System (LMS/VLE) for two classes. LP+365 creates an organised and simple structure to Office365 by creating a class/subject site with various collaboration and assignment tools

Teachers can add announcements, load resources and set assignments at a click of a button. Sites and permissions are automatically set upon provisioning users for the App.

Students can see their daily calendar, assignments and submissions, their particular class/subject site, class notebooks and curriculum material – all neatly organized and easily accessible.

The LP+365 Free Classroom App provides:

• An intuitive user interface and tools, engaging users immediately and ensuring deeper learning.

• Personalized Dashboards i.e. ability to use own branding and logo.

• Instant access to favourite Office365 Apps like Word, Class Notebook, PowerPoint etc.

• Provisioning for one subject and/or class site and 35 users (2 x staff and 33 x student)

• Simple and quick set up with Guides on our free support site

• Further inbuilt support with professional development articles and lesson plans

The Full LP+365 School App will include the ability to purchase an unlimited number of licenses for an unlimited number of class/subject sites, and further email support.



Getting started & Support site: