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CS Milestone Trend Analysis

Campana & Schott
Keep your schedule on track with regular snapshots of your milestones.

CS Milestone Trend Analysis App adds snapshot capabilities to Microsoft Project Online or Microsoft Project Server 2013. Easily take snapshots to save a copy of your milestone dates. Analyze the results in a trend analysis chart that visualizes these dates comparable in a graph. Act early on deviations and keep your project on track.

An important task for Project Managers is to forecast their schedule. One common instrument is the Milestone Trend Analysis. This requires a Project Manager to take regular snapshots of project plan milestones and save this information externally (e.g. in Microsoft Excel). To present the information, the snapshot & milestone dates need to be prepared in a trend analysis chart.

CS Milestone Trend Analysis App provides a simple solution to boost the productivity of Project Managers. Add this app to the Microsoft Project Web App or to a single Project Site. Open the app for a selected project and hit the ‘Take Snapshot’ button. All milestones on level one of the project plan are automatically included. From the second snapshot on, a trend can be identified within the chart area.

In this trend analysis chart milestone dates are plotted on the vertical y-axis and snapshot dates on the x-axis. A flat horizontal line between snapshot dates shows that the milestone is running according to the initial plan, whereas a curve indicates deviations. A rising line reveals a delay, a falling line expresses a speedup. If milestone dates are plotted into the light blue chart area in the lower right corner, the project plan needs to be updated.

Your benefits

- Improved Forecast: Take snapshots to analyze trends and raise forecast quality

- Faster Decisions: Analyze a trend and take actions on deviations

- Deliver in Time: Keep your project on track


- View a milestone trend in a graph

- Get milestone details in a pop-up

- Adjust saved snapshot data manually if required

- Add your app to a single Project Site or to the entire Microsoft Project Web App

Available Languages

- English

- French

- German

- Swedish