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Sensei Task Analyzer™

Sensei Project Solutions
Sensei’s Task Analyzer™ helps ensure quality schedules by analyzing tasks for potential issues.

The Sensei Task Analyzer™ helps to ensure a high quality schedule by analyzing each task for potential issues. The ‘Checks’ in the Task Analyzer are based on industry standards and best practices, including Sensei’s Proactive Scheduling™ and the Project Management Institute’s Practice Standards for WBS and Scheduling.

Select a task in the schedule to see potential issues. Once they have been resolved, the Task Analyzer will mark the tasks as “100% Compliant”.

The Task Analyzer™ performs checks for Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Resources, Link and Schedule compliance items. Set your defaults to match organizational scheduling standards and ignore those checks that are not relevant.

Individual ‘checks’ can also be ignored temporarily during the planning process only to be activated at a later date.

For more detailed background information about the ‘Checks’, including exceptions and scheduling recommendations, visit

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