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Dashboard with most viewed pages, add-ins and documents across site collections

Analytics report allows you to see the number of views and number of recent views, based on search results.

You can sort and filter the report results by "View All", "Documents", "Size", and "This Site".

In the latest update, you can also search for an author name.

You can also save the report in the "Saved Reports" library, and manage the results in Excel.

The number of views over time period and information about site users is not part of the report.

License: Analytics is licensed for unlimited number of users per Office 365 tenant or SharePoint on-premise web application.

Trial: Analytics Lite can be downloaded at

Hosting: Analytics is made with client-side code, JavaScript and HTML5. It runs entirely within your SharePoint site.

Support: Please send email to

Browser support: Analytics is tested in all supported browsers, IE11, IE10, IE9, latest version of Chrome and Firefox. It works perfectly in all browsers.