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Ultimate Slider

RePoint Technologies
Ultimate Slider and Rotator

Slider...Rotator...News Feed...Carousel call it what you want, this is the last one you will ever need. All properties are configurable in the Webpart. Create stunning text rotations, image slides, and more.

The RePoint Ultimate Slider is a configurable WebPart that allows you to control the appearance, behavior and all the settings that control how the slider works. Sliders and Rotators are common techniques in SharePoint development and typically involve increased development time which drives up cost. This slider puts the configurations in the hands of the end user. It's that easy... a slider in minutes.

  • Multiple Slider effects (swing, explode, bounce, fade, etc...)
  • Many control styles (numeric, buttons, title, etc...)
  • Works with Images and Text individually or combined. No need to purchase separate Image sliders, you can have it all with the Ultimate Slider
  • Multitude of other configurations to have complete control over your sliders behavior and style

Note: Pricing for app is for the users who need to configure the application. All users will have access to the App Part created without the need for licenses.