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Make your own rotating banners with images, text, HTML, and links.

BannerMaker has "Image as background" button in the Ribbon that allows you to insert image from SharePoint library on your site or from other sites, and set that image as background. With image set as background, you can add and format links, text, and HTML code. No content, no HTML is stripped by SharePoint in the BannerMaker app.

You can use BannerMaker to make banners with images or only with text and links.

Each banner has a Category and Display Order field. Category is used to group and show banners in Banner app parts on the same page or on different pages.

If you do not define a category in the Banner app part, it will show all banners from "Banners" list.

Each App Part has settings for navigation, speed, transition speed, and transitions.

Banners can rotate with transitions to slide to left, slide to the right, roll down, roll up, fade, and pulsate.

You can also select "Adjust Image Top and Left" option and choose not to set vertical and horizontal alignment for each image.

BannerMaker app doesn't work on websites with anonymous access.

License: 1 license for all users.

Trial: Please send email to

Browser support: BannerMaker is tested in all supported browsers, IE10, IE9, IE8, latest version of Chrome and Firefox. It works perfectly in all browsers, except IE8. You can't use "Image as background" button in the Ribbon in IE8.

Hosting: BannerMaker is made with client-side code, JavaScript, jQuery, and HTML5. The app requires no additional hosting infrastructure. The app runs entirely within your SharePoint site.

Support: Please send email to

Updates: All updates are free of charge for customers that purchased the app. You will be able to see notification about app updates on your SharePoint site.

Feedback: Feel free to send feedback on what new features would you like to see in future updates. Send your ideas to

Content: The app contains no ads. The app contains only content that is related to the BannerMaker.