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Documents shared with me

This app provides an overview of documents shared with me without the need to actively look for it.

The challenge…

In the typical SharePoint 2013 environment, each user can upload documents to his SharePoint SkyDrive. By uploading files to the SkyDrive, all documents are publicly available for other users. The challenge, however, is that users can`t find documents or related content when the user is unknown. For that reason, a great deal of important and useful content cannot be found because there is no solid relation between the user and the owner of the documents. Another challenge is that you have to leave your working context to find relevant documents shared with me.

Key features...

Generally speaking the SharePoint 2013 app “Documents Shared with Me” provides a holistic overview of all documents shared with me. Thus the user is automatically informed of shared documents without leaving the current working context. All documents shared with me are displayed in a result stream.

All documents shared in public libraries, e.g. on SkyDrive Pro, are listed in the app. The listed content in the app allows a direct interaction with the particular user. Because of this, the user doesn`t have to open the MySite or SkyDrive to get an overview of all shared documents.

Another great feature is that users can select what will be displayed in the “Documents Shared with Me” App. In this case users can enable documents shared from specific users, for instance.


- You need other users in your environment with publicly shared documents on their MySites

- You need to have a functioning SharePoint Search to be able to see results in the App

- This app contains an App Part and a fullscreen App

Version Note:

- localization for spanish and catalan

- spell fixes for portugese localisation

- document type image bugfixes

- Number of items bug fixed

- Localisation for English, German, French, Portugiese and Russian added

- Hit count is now working but if you use more then 5 hits you should specify a static hight for the AppPart to look nice

- Office Document are now opened in OfficeWebApps

- MySite prefix can now me empty