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SP2 Power Search

Extend SharePoint advanced search capabilities easily.

Want to customize the advance search functionality in SharePoint? SP2 Power Search makes it easy! If you have ever wanted to use SharePoint to ask questions like the ones below, SP2 Power Search can help you.

Who is the Vice President of the Legal department?

Who would I ask about benefits?

Who worked on the last Gulf Coast drilling project?

Who went to school with me at Oklahoma State?

Who is interested in cross-fit?

Show me all of my documents.

Show me items newer than January 1st.

What documents did my co-worker produce?

Let me see all of the documents from the Operations site.

Who uploaded files with a size greater than 500 KB?

SP2 Power Search comes with web parts for searching people and sites.

Make finding people in your organization easy with SP2 Power People Search. Give your users the ability to find users in your organization by name, department, job title, manager, skills, and more. You can even include your own custom search fields such as office location or cost center to allow your users to connect with the exact people they are looking for.

SP2 Power Search works great for searching sites and documents too. The web parts are easy to use and highly customizable giving your users the ability to create advanced queries. Our web parts come with common managed properties that you can search with out-of-the-box such as author, modified date, file size, file extension, content type, title, document id, and more. Plus, you can add your own search fields too!

SP2 Power Search is easy enough to use for new users yet flexible enough for your power users. These are our most configurable web parts yet with over 30 parameters you can change. You can choose to add or remove any of the included fields on the search form and the text is configurable so that it can be localized too.

Getting started with SP2 Power Search is easy. Documentation is included directly inside the app so that you can get up and running quickly. We've even included a page of example queries for you to try out in your own organization.

Buy SP2 apps with confidence. SP2 apps are written by three-time SharePoint MVP, Corey Roth. Corey Roth knows SharePoint Search well and blogs about it regularly on As one of the first developers of apps in the Office Store, we understand how to deliver quality apps that you can enjoy in your organization. For more information, see our company site.

Don't just search for information. Power Search it!


  • Two web parts included to search people and sites.
  • Find people using included criteria such as department, title, skills, and more.
  • Locate documents by date, author, file extension, file size, and more.
  • Easily locate content that you or a colleague produced.
  • Pick and choose which search fields you want to display.
  • Multiple properties can be queried at the same time.
  • Sends queries to your search center which can even be on another farm.
  • Add up to four of your own custom managed properties.
  • Can replace the out-of-the-box search page or work together with it.
  • All text in the app parts is configurable / localizable.
  • In-app documentation included to quickly get started.
  • Works with SharePoint Online in Office 365.
  • 15 day trial available. UPDATE NOTES

Reorganized web part properties

Optimized JavaScript files