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Grid Search by SP2

Display your search results in a grid!

SP2 Grid Search allows you to leverage the power or SharePoint's search engine in a convenient grid format. This new web part gives you the ability to see more search results on the same screen and you can even pick and choose which columns you want to display. Users can display between 10 and 100 search results as a time with built-in paging to efficiently retrieve new search results. SP2 Grid Search can replace your existing search page or can be used in conjunction with it.

Performing advanced search queries is a breeze with SP2 Grid Search. By specifying up to four properties, users can query on out-of-the-box managed properties such as Author, Title, or File Size. You can even include your own managed properties and query on them too. Not sure how to configure your own properties for search? No problem. SP2 Grid Search comes with convenient instructions right inside the app walking you through the whole process.

SP2 Grid Search makes it easy to sort your search results too! Specify up to two properties that search queries will use by default. You can even set the order of each property to be ascending or descending. After your users search, your users can search on up four different columns by clicking on the column header of the grid.

A built-in theming engine is included that lets you specify a theme that meets your needs. You can even optionally enable a theme switcher and let user's personalize the theme to his or her preferences. The theming engine gives you the flexibility to have the grid look just the way you want.

Getting started with SP2 Grid Search is easy. Documentation is included directly inside the app so that you can get up and running quickly.


  • View your search results in a convenient grid format.
  • Highly configurable web part allowing you configure multiple aspects of the search experience.
  • Specify up to eight columns to show in your grid.
  • Configure up to four properties to perform advanced search queries.
  • Allows pre-configured sorting as well as user defined sorting.
  • Display 10, 25, 50, and even 100 results at a time.
  • Support for most out-of-the-box result sources.
  • Built-in theming engine. Allows users to select their own themes.
  • Multiple properties can be queried at the same time.
  • Can replace the out-of-the-box search page or work together with it.
  • All text in the app parts is configurable / localizable.
  • In-app documentation included to quickly get started.
  • Works with SharePoint Online in Office 365.