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Smart app to improve internal communication

Questions for the CEO

Is the CEO of your company always has time for you? Can you ask him any questions? With this application, employees can ask private and public questions for the CEO. The solution provides excellent support for internal communication within companies.

Use the application to facilitate communication with the CEO, manager, member of the Board or an expert in the field.

Key features of the application:

  • List of public and private questions.
  • Customizable e-mail notifications on new question and on feedback.
  • Questions can be switched from private to public and vice versa.
  • Administrators can delete questions and mark them as private.

QuestionBox offers only a small selection of the features that we are planning to make available in the future version of the app. That next version is currently being developed so if you have an idea how to improve our application, please let us know about it using the form on our website: We are open to any hints and suggestions.

This application supports only Office365, if you would like to run it on your on-premise environment please contact us.