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TimeOFF Pro

Application for processing employees' leave requests (discontinued version)

This version of TimeOff application is discontinued - for new, improved version, please check out this link:

TimeOff Pro for SharePoint is an application designed for Human Resources departments, streamlining the process of submitting and processing employees' leave requests. The application enables employees to plan and submit leave requests with ease, while allowing authorized staff to accept or reject such requests, viewing leave requests and days off by a department using great visual tools.

Key features of the application:

  • The ability to specify any types of leave from work and the relationships between them, as well as public holidays
  • Advanced type of leave settings and parameters : - defining unlimited types, - hiding them from UI - setting acceptance path
  • Advanced Mail settings and notifications: - Editable templates for each notification type - Ability to turn on/off mail notification for each user
  • The Employee Card view – individual for each employee view which allows for setting a Manager and Assistant of Employee, viewing, adding and deleting available numbers of days off (associated with types of leave)
  • The advanced view of all leave requests (depending on user role*)
  • The advanced view of awaiting leave requests (depending on user role*)
  • The advanced calendar view of all users days off and plans filtered by year and month (depending on user role*)
  • Multi-level acceptance of leave requests, according to the acceptance paths set in the types of leave
  • Assistant of the manager who can accept/reject leave requests
  • Cancelling past leave requests
  • A calendar available to an employee that presents his or her leave requests and vacation plans

  • Setting a representative with leave request for the time of users’ absence

* depending on user role – each manager sees only data of employees assigned to him, HR department members see data of all employees

Due to some innovative solutions used to build the best user experience and working flow the TimeOff Pro is not supporting Internet Explorer 8 and lower.

This application supports only Office365, if you would like to run it on your on-premise environment please contact us.

Visit our product site to know more!

New upgrade 1.4 released! Check product site at to know more.

Check also product FAQ

It's important to note, that this version of TimeOff is optimized for up to 200 users. For higher number of employees we recommend TimeOff Enterprise version, which has unlimited users and additional features when compared to TimeOff Pro. For more information about it, please visit TimeOFF Enterprise Office Store site: