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Office Lesson Planner

Metria Teaching and Learning Technologies Inc.
A free planner for Word 2013 for creating standards-aligned lessons

The Office Lesson Planner is a free tool that makes it easy to create daily lesson plans using Microsoft Word 2013©. The planner combines lesson plan templates and a “task menu” that displays a comprehensive library of daily learning targets developed from academic standards for math and English Language Arts. The menu also lets you easily include instructional notes, student-friendly “I Can” statements, vocabulary, and ideas for activities and assessment in your daily plan. You can also add suggestions for differentiation, a list of common misconceptions, links to open educational resources (OER), and your own personal notes.

Creating lesson plans is easy. Just select the desired standard and learning target for a lesson and add it to the plan with a click. With a few more clicks, you create a comprehensive lesson plan that blends an extensive resource library with your own ideas and activities. Teaching isn’t a “one size fits all” effort so the Office Lesson Planner also lets you adapt the plan to cover your students’ diverse needs.

The Office Lesson Planner is part of Metria Learning’s educational tool set. Their tools stand out for their simplicity, comprehensiveness, flexibility, and affordability. Releases for older versions of Microsoft Word and templates for additional academic disciplines are in development, and science standards are coming soon. Contact us at if you have any questions.

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