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RateMe Pro

Application designed for creating, planning and filling Employees' Assessments

RateMe Pro for SharePoint

RateMe Pro for SharePoint is an application designed for creating, planning and filling Employees Assessments. Every serious business needs a realistic assessment of the skills and qualities of their employees – here comes the RateMe Pro. Set up Areas, Competences and Evaluation Sheets in minutes, assign employees and get a reliable reports about employee’s self-marks comparing to assessor’s.

Key features of the application:

  • Create Assessment Areas and Competences within them,
  • Enable or disable any Competence at any time
  • Set up Evaluation Sheets with questions assigned to Competences in seconds
  • Enable or disable any Evaluation Sheet at any time
  • Easily plan Assessments setting up any date ranges
  • Assign Assessments to: single user or users by: Job Title, Department, Office and Manager – from your SharePoint user’s data
  • Choose an Assessor who will assess the employee
  • Compare results in the clear and simple view
  • Generate simple and complex reports about each Competence or Evaluation Sheet
  • Export report data to CSV
  • View a list of all finished Assessments
  • View a list of all your Assessments at the first screen after opening the App
  • Easily navigate through all list views with sortable/filterable columns

  • Receive email notifications about new Assessments to fill
  • Fully customize email templates for each notification type
  • Add and delete Administrators who can create Areas, Competences, Evaluation Sheets and Planned Assessments

Use all of those extremely useful features in the addictive & beautiful User Interface designed for your best User Experience.

Due to some innovative solutions used to build the best user experience and working flow the RateMe Pro is not supporting Internet Explorer 8 and lower.

This application supports only Office365, if you would like to run it on your on-premise environment please contact us.

If you have an idea how to improve our application, please let us know about it using the form at our website: We are open for any hints and suggestions.