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Change the look and feel with 61 color palettes and 12 font schemes. Ready to use.

Change the look and feel with 61 color palettes and 12 font schemes. Ready to use.

With ThemeStyles, you get 61 new color designs and 12 new fonts for your site.

ThemeStyles is SharePoint branding in two easy steps, pick a color and font, and change the look of your SharePoint site. It works both on Office 365 and SharePoint on-premise.

You can use color palettes and font schemes to apply colors and fonts to any SharePoint site, publishing site, team site, document center, MySite, blog, project site, public facing site on Office 365, or community site.

With ThemeStyles, you can change site design, colors and fonts any time you like. You can also apply different colors and fonts to different sites.

You can for example apply green colors to internal sites, and blue to external sites.

Font schemes are based on most common fonts such as Verdana, Arial, Georgia, Century Gothic, Calibri... Colors range from "all white" to red, blue, green, yellow, gold,..., and "all black" (browse the preview images to see color and font design or watch the video).

License: ThemeStyles is licensed for unlimited number of users in your organization.

Browser support: ThemeStyles is tested in all supported browsers, IE10, IE9, IE8, latest version of Chrome and Firefox. It works perfectly in all browsers.

Hosting: ThemeStyles is made with client-side code, JavaScript and HTML5. The app requires no additional hosting infrastructure. The app runs entirely within your SharePoint site.

Support: Please send email to

Updates: All updates are free of charge for customers that purchased the app. You will be able to see notification about app updates on your SharePoint site.

Feedback: Feel free to send feedback on what new colors and fonts you would like to see in future updates. Send your ideas to

Content: The app contains no ads. The app contains only content that is related to the ThemeStyles.