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List Data Visualizer

Cloudriven Ltd
List Data Visualizer allows you to make a visual heat map representation of any list or library.

Cloudriven’s List Data Visualizer allows you to make a visual representation of any SharePoint list or library containing custom metadata. List Data Visualizer creates a heat map which presents the distribution of metadata values of list items as squares of different size and color.

The size of the square expresses the amount of list items which have the same metadata value. The color of the square denotes the "heat" of the group, which can indicate, for example, how recently the items in the group have been modified.

For instance, you can use List Data Visualizer to visualize project reference distribution between different project types and industry sectors, where the head indicates how recent projects there are in each sector. It is also usable to visualize different kinds of user activities, such as competitions, which are hosted in SharePoint lists.

Note: List Data Visualizer app is not supported in IE8 Browser. You can use this app with almost any modern Web browser. This includes Internet Explorer 9 or newer, latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Chrome.