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RAMP Video Management

RAMP Video Management is built for storing, enriching, distributing, and streaming video.

RAMP for SharePoint Online provides an efficient solution to the enterprise video challenge. RAMP for SharePoint Online is a complete video content solution for Microsoft SharePoint Online. It makes video as easy to manage, organize, share, search, and deliver as text content.

The RAMP app combines the powerful, native capabilities of SharePoint Online with RAMP’s powerful video management and metadata services to significantly enhance how your videos are discovered, organized, and shared. Included in the app is RAMP’s patented technology for automatically generating time-coded text transcripts - turning them into valuable metadata for optimal video search.

How it works:

1. All of your video content is uploaded into the RAMP for SharePoint Online App Web using a familiar SharePoint interface. RAMP’s Provider-Hosted Remote Web then pushes the uploaded files to MediaCloud. RAMP also supports audio, text, and image content types.

2. MediaCloud processes the content with automated time-coded transcripts, tags and thumbnails for a complete metadata “fingerprint” of each video. Content is tagged using RAMP’s patented natural language processing. Video content is transcoded for cross-platform delivery.

3. All metadata is syndicated down to the SharePoint App Web. Videos are now native in SharePoint. They are easily discovered using SharePoint Search and embedded on pages using Web Parts.

4. Video content is stored and streamed directly from MediaCloud.

5. Users consume video directly from SharePoint using RAMP’s MetaPlayer. This rich interactive video experience includes search within video functionality, keyword highlighting, and social integration.

Key Features:

Secure Cloud-based Video Management

  • URL notary for secure streaming to desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Redundant, secure storage and hosting
  • CDN integration for high availability and flexibility
  • Integrated transcoding with adaptive bit-rate streaming for video delivery to desktop, tablet, smartphone, and connected devices
  • Active Directory integration for end-user authentication
  • Multi-asset bulk upload

Video Metadata Generation and Curation

  • Automated transcription via a patented speech-to-text engine that creates a time-coded transcript of video and audio content
  • Automated alignment of an existing transcript to a video that creates a time-coded transcript of video and audio content
  • Automated thumbnailing, where thumbnails are created on a set schedule and associated with specific timestamps
  • Natural language processing and tagging
  • Video Channels to organize videos into Highest Rated, Most Watched, Recently Added or User-Defined

Native SharePoint Integration

  • Easy installation and configuration using SharePoint’s App Model
  • SharePoint-powered blended or “universal” (video + documents) search results
  • Pre-built SharePoint Web Parts for video player
  • Integration with SharePoint media asset and library management

Interactive Video Playback

  • Integrations with RAMP’s MetaPlayer video player framework
  • In-video keyword search
  • Time-coded (contextual) keyword highlighting
  • Social sharing, Ratings, Comments

RAMP for SharePoint Online is a free, fully featured 30-day trial. Continued use requires an active subscription to RAMP. To sign up for a trial of RAMP for SharePoint Online simply install this App and register with RAMP at

RAMP for SharePoint Online does not support Internet Explorer 8.0.