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Site Activity Stream

Get a comprehensive overview of the latest changes in your actual site or the sites you`re following

SharePoint 2013 offers various ways to store and manage information. However, you have to navigate through many sites and links to finally get a rough summary of all the changes in your TeamSites.

Site Activity Stream provides a comprehensive overview of all the latest updates regarding your SharePoint Sites and the sites you are following. For this reason you get an instant update on all important changes you are involved in.

Site Activity Stream consists of two different app parts. With “Followed Sites Activity Stream” you gain a consolidated view of all the latest documents in terms of your followed SharePoint Sites. By using our social enhancement we provide a useful app part that you can drag to your MySite or any desired SharePoint Site to be quickly informed about all the latest activities regarding the sites you are following.

The app part “Site Activity Stream” can be dragged to a specific and important TeamSite. In this way, you get an instant overview of all updates and changes regarding your particular site.

The great advantage of both app parts is the aggregated and comprehensive overview of all the latest changes. An automatic aggregation of all relevant documents and activities converts your SharePoint into a daily workspace that enables you to deeply interact with all relevant information regarding your site updates. A further advantage is the extensive options to configure both app parts according to your desires and preferences.

In this way we ensure a significant improvement of the user experience and the productivity of SharePoint 2013.

Take action now and enhance your SharePoint experience with our app – Up to 5 SharePoint users are free! For more pricing information please visit or contact us at to get a specific offer.


IE8 is currently not supported, will be following soon.

Changelog :

- new App-Part configuration “Display Filename”, shows file names instead of the document title

- support for tasks, events, announcements and discussions display in site-stream (can be enabled/disabled via AppPart settings)